What’s the first impression of your website?

above the fold

How many times have you landed on a website and within two seconds decided this wasn’t what you were looking for and hit the back button to find another, more relevant site?  Do you think your visitors are doing the same with your website?

In an earlier post we talked about 4 tips to a great website.  Today we are going to talk about websites again, but most importantly the first impression of your site.  What do people see when they land there now and the most important features to have displayed proudly in view above the fold when they first enter.

So let’s talk about the term “above the fold.”  this is the top part of your website that is displayed before the visitor starts scrolling.  Below you will find seven things you can add/change on your website which will elevate your chances of your visitors sticking around to see what you have to offer.

Real Estate Blog Web Design - Above the Fold

Image provided by BlogTyrant.com

Written by Heather Gray

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