How to create an impressive buyer’s packet!

real estate buyers packet

real estate buyers packet

In the past we took a look at how to win more listings by having an effective listing packet.  Today, let’s look at how you can  offer the highest level of service to your home buyers with a professional buyer’s packet.

Properly educating your real estate clients about the process of buying a home can help your transaction go more smoothly and will make sure your client will pass your name along to all of their friends and family in the future.  With all the information on the internet, some agents just assume their clients know what they need to know, but I repeatedly hear about unpleasant situations agents get themselves into with their clients that could typically be avoided by setting expectations upfront and educating the home buyer.

So what should be in an effective buyers packet?  Here’s is a list of documents you could provide;

  • An color graphical cover page
  • A list of what they should expect from their REALTOR®
  • A list of reasons why you are the best REALTOR® for their needs
  • A list of commitments from you to your buyers of what they can expect from your services
  • An explanation of agency (sellers agency, buyer agency, and transaction brokerage)
  • The advantage of working with a buyer’s agent
  • Information on the pre-approval process
  • An overview of what they should expect though the process (the home search, writing an offer, earnest money, negotiations, inspections and appraisals, title work, the closing process)
  • Common buyer mistakes
  • A map of the area (if they are moving from out of town)
  • A blank copy of a real estate contract
  • Testimonials from happy clients
  • A glossary of real estate terms

Lucky you!  I did some of the hard work for you!  Here are some links to a few real estate buyer packets I found online;

  • Packet #1 (a bit cartoonish for my taste, but great content)
  • Packet #2 (good information, but this may be too wordy)
  • Packet #3 (simple and easy to recreate, I really like the “pledge of performance”)
Now you can’t just download one of these and go.  You are going to have to jump in your favorite desktop publisher (Microsoft Publisher or Google Docs/Drive) and re-build your own custom packet branded with you and your own brand.  You don’t need to include all the documents I listed, but these are a list of documents you could use.  Feel free to add any other documents or information you find that your buyers would find valuable.
With a little effort you can have a tool that will impress and bring value and education to your buyer clients to help you capture more clients and have less stress during your transactions!
Are you currently use a buyer’s packet in your business?  What other documents do you think could be added to bring value to the buyers?  Leave us a comment below!


Written by Heather Gray

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