What are real estate brokers paying their agents?

real estate commission rates

real estate commission rates

Running a successful and profitable brokerage isn’t always easy.

Managing the brokerage income and expenses is a task you can’t avoid. But how do you increase your company’s income?

Hire more agents?

Give them more office support so they have time to sell more homes?

Give them more training to build their skills to create more transactions?

These are all viable options. One other option is to re-evaluate your existing commission structure.

Offering a competitive commission structure can encourage your agents to sell more with rising percentages based on annual volume or income. The more they sell as the year progresses, the higher
their split climbs. A competitive commission offering can also help you recruit more experienced agents
from your competition.

It is sometime difficult to find out what your competition is offering, you can’t just called and ask them
in most cases. I was recently asked if REBR could help gather some commission plans from brokerages
from across the state so brokers could evaluate how their current commission offerings stack up!

The following commission structures have been collected from brokers in various geographic areas
across the state, metropolitan and rural, as well as brokerages of all sizes.

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Written by Heather Gray

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