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Time management is one of the most difficult parts of a busy salesperson’s job.  I know that something inside you tells you that you have to be everywhere the customer wants you to be, but you need to wrap your head around the value of your time and the impression it leaves when you jump when they call.  I understand that as you are continually trying to build and grow your business and it is difficult to turn anyone down when they show signs of wanting to do business with you.

If you were to call your doctor, dentist, or lawyer and say, I need to see you and it has to be today at 10am, what would they say?  They’d say “Sorry I already have an appointment at 10:00am, but I could fit you in at 2:00pm.”

It’s as simple as managing your time by putting anything you need/want to do on your calendar.  If someone calls you and wants to meet during a time slot you already have filled, you just use the same dialog, “I’m sorry, I already have an appointment at that time, can we schedule for later in the day?”  Even if your calendar contains a personal event, you have a date with your hubby, and outing with the kids, or to watch your team’s game on TV, these are appointments with yourself.  You don’t need to tell them what your doing, just that that time slot is not available.

If the client really wants your services, they will meet you on your schedule.  Plus, they will respect you and your company more because of it.  Would you rather do business with someone who has no other clients to work with so they can meet you anytime, or someone who has a full schedule and has many clients so they have to find a time for you?


If they are a serious client and want your services, they will work on your schedule!

Written by Heather Gray

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  1. I think the trick is that telling them you’ve got a prior appointment is a great idea – but it becomes tricky with you have social media involved and you have given clients access to your personal site.  Generally speaking – those paying someone to provide a service will be less than thrilled to find out that “appointment” was with your manicurist or some other personal task.  Buying and/or selling a home is a huge event in the lives of their clients and I think it’s important that realtors remember that.  Your point is valid about the client having more respect for a busy agent but there is a fine line between being “busy” and being “unavailable”.

    1. You are right of course.  Outright lying is never a good option by saying you have an appointment “with another client”when you really are going to one of your kids ball games just doesn’t work.  You never know who you are going to run into when, but saying you already have an appointment or that your calendar is already full for that time slot doesn’t cross that line.  It’s none of their business that the appointment on your calendar is to do something not work related.  REALTORS® have personal lives too. 🙂

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