Technology Advice: Read This First If You Need Help Setting Up A New Tech Device

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Coming off the holiday season, you’ll likely have new devices. Since the popularity of technology-related gifts continues to grow, so has the kind of tools that Tech Helpline can help you set up.

When you think of getting assistance from Tech Helpline for a new device, you probably think about laptops, desktops, printers, and your smartphone. That’s still 100% true: Tech Helpline can help you troubleshoot all of these devices when they are giving you trouble.

But did you know that the Tech Analysts at Tech Helpline also can help you with setting up many other new tech devices? Or help you switch from an Android to an iPhone, Windows to Mac, or vice-versa?

Tech Helpline is ready to help with nearly all of your technology needs as a real estate professional. With a combined 300 years of technology experience, Tech Helpline has become the No. 1 tech support service expressly for real estate pros like you by providing friendly and highly responsive services.

Here are some of the devices that Tech Helpline can help with to get your new tech ready to go:

  1. Smart speakers: If you have a new Amazon Echo, Google Home, or Apple Homepod smart speaker, Tech Helpline can help if you get stuck setting one up.
  1. Smart displays: For those who received an Echo Show or Facebook Portal for a holiday gift, if you have challenges setting them up, reach out to Tech Helpline.
  1. Other smart home devices: If you are outfitting your home office with smart switches, smart light bulbs, or smart plugs, they may not be as easy to set up as the initial instructions indicate. You can reach out to Tech Helpline for help.
  1. Bluetooth headphones: While most of the time, Bluetooth devices connect flawlessly, there are exceptions when you can’t get Bluetooth to connect. Tech Helpline can help.
  1. Video camera: A new standalone video camera can make your Zoom calls crystal clear, but it’s not always easy to get your new camera set up. Or once you go back into Zoom, your laptop or desktop computer’s camera takes over as the default. A Tech Helpline analyst can help you get your new camera set up right!
  1. External microphone and stand: Because virtual meetings have become a go-to tech tool for agents, adding a separate microphone allows you to be heard better than ever, without headphones on your head and chords dangling in front of you. But it can be challenging for some computers to recognize a new external mic and keep it as your default. Tech Helpline is ready for your call.
  1. Adding one or more monitors: Many agents are discovering the benefits not only of a larger screen monitor when working from home, but the value of having multiple screens — one or two more connected to your laptop or desktop. Getting a new monitor set up to allow you to work the way you want is essential, and contacting Tech Helpline can help you expedite the process.
  1. Smart car technology: Tech Helpline can help fix your car? Well, sort of. At least when it comes to setting up Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in newer vehicles that have this option. Grab your mobile phone, sit in your car, and give Tech Helpline a shout.

And if you have a new mobile phone or computer, you’ll need help setting up, remember that Tech Helpline can help you get all your data — yes, especially your photos — off of your old device and onto your new device.

Written by Heather Gray

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