How to get more out of your Facebook marketing

I happened across this great video this week,

10 Laws of Social Media Marketing

As I watched it, Law 8, The Law of Acknowledgement jumped out at me.  You may not realize how by following this law, it will have a positive impact on your social media efforts.

First, you should watch the video;

So why is the Law of Acknowledgement so important?

Specifically, let’s talk about the social media outlet you are probably using in your business, but this Law applies to all your social media account.

You already know that when you look at your Facebook newsfeed, you are not seeing everything every single one of your friends are posting.  This also means that when YOU post something on Facebook, the majority of your Facebook friends may not be seeing what you are posting.  Can you think of a Facebook friend that you know you are friends with, but you can’t remember recently seeing a post from them?  They are probably posting regularly, but Facebook isn’t prioritizing their posts to display in your feed.

There is a sneaky way around this to ensure that the people who are most likely to do business with you in the future, or those people who are most likely to send you a referral WILL see your posts.  When they see your posts, they are more than likely to remember YOU are their preferred real estate professional and recommend you when anyone around them mentions they have a real estate need.

So what’s the trick?

Facebook has an algorithm called EdgeRank that magically figures out who and which posts you would probably prefer to see or engage with, so those are the posts you see.  Here is the magic formula for EdgeRank…

Now I know that seems like a complex mathematical equation, but let’s break the affinity score down just a bit.  This is where we can increase our chances your posts are showing up on your friends newsfeeds.

When Facebook determines what to show on your newsfeed, it first looks at the affinity score.  This is how “connected” you and the other person are.  Does Facebook think you have a REAL in-person friendship?  It determines this by looking at the engagements you’ve had on Facebook in the recent past.  If you never like, comment or share their posts, and they never like, comment or share your posts, Facebook determines that anything you post may not be important to that other person or vice-versa.

So let’s “game” the system!  If you have a Facebook friend that you want to see your posts and be constantly reminded in their newsfeed that you are their real estate professional, then all you need to do is search for them on Facebook and comment on a few of their most recent posts.  Facebook will raise your affinity score with that person and they will be more likely to see your posts.

The Law of Acknowledgement

There is a trick to even raise your affinity score even higher with a person or even a group of people at once.  And it is so simple…

Acknowledge them on Facebook!

How do you do that?  When you post something on Facebook and you get comments, all you have to do is comment back!  Facebook then sees a “conversation” happening.

For a simple way to get more comments than you can imagine on a Facebook post, you may be interested in an article I wrote on titled Facebook real estate games to engage more followers

  • It sees that you wrote a post….
  • Someone took the time to make a comment on your post….
  • Then you replied to them in the comments.

Facebook then raises your affinity score with that person because you acknowledged them and it saw a real conversation happening.  Now the chances of you seeing each others posts in the newsfeed increased dramatically!

Don’t you want the people most likely to send you business or refer you to their friends or family be reminded in their newsfeed that you are their favorite real estate professional?

Written by Heather Gray

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