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more sales with zillow trulia

more sales with zillow truliaThis past week I had a question from a Kansas REALTOR®;


“Hi John, I want your honest opinion on Trulia, Zillow,, and Home Finders.  I want the most bang for my buck.”


Any of these sites can work as a good lead generation tool for your team, from my experience. When I was a broker, an agent in my office tracked her leads and success with both Zillow and Trulia.

The first year, she bought into the Zillow plan.  She got lots of leads inquiring about information on local properties. Most she never connected with. She emailed, called, and didn’t connect with many to get them the info they requested. She never procured a contract from any of these leads.

The next year, she did not re-up with Zillow, but decided to try Trulia. With this site, she got fewer leads, but connected with more customers. These connections resulted in showings and she even wrote a few offers, but again no closings from any of these leads.

The following year, she decided not to participate in either of the programs.

Although this agent didn’t have success with these tools, it doesn’t mean you wont. Your follow up system and closing techniques will be different and you may get better results.

What I recommend, like with anything you spend your marketing dollars on, is a tracking plan. Track every lead that comes in the door. Where did the lead come from, did you reach them, did you set an appointment, did they qualify for a loan, did they write an offer, did they close.

Additionally, track the source of every one of your closings. If you decide to go with one of these programs and at the end of the year have had no closings from leads from this source, don’t spend your money on that lead generation tool again.

My motto: “If it’s not making you money, stop doing it!”

Written by Heather Gray

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