Real Estate Brokerage Essentials

This packet has 4 essential tools every brokerage need to be successful.

  • Real Estate Brokerage Essentials: Managing Legal and Business Issues
  • Your Desktop Reference on Agency
  • A Real Estate Brokerage Office Policy Manual
  • An Independent Contractor Agreement

The most comprehensive business tool for brokers to run their offices efficiently and minimize their risk for legal liability.

Real Estate Brokerage Essentials: Managing Legal and Business Issues (Formally know as “Don’t Risk It!)

This product covers everything from hiring and training employees, licensing issues, dealing with consumers, key intellectual property concepts, and how to understand and deal with tough business issues. The product was created by NAR’s Legal Team and includes a foreword by NAR General Counsel Katie Johnson.

This comprehensive guide includes training modules on some of the most relevant topics to provide an easy source for assisting brokers with creating effective training programs on risk management issues.  The guide offers current case law, checklists, training worksheets, and does so in a way that anyone can relate to. It offers quick tips and helpful summaries and checklists on many of the topics to assure Brokers and able to successfully manage their businesses.

The product features 15 updated chapters with 30% of the content being new, including one completely new chapter called Emerging Risk Management Issues.  Some of the new additions include; content on drones, medical marijuana, REALTOR® safety, and data security, ADA policies, teams, license reciprocity, social media and internet advertising, money laundering, and distracted driving.

  • 15 comprehensive chapters with nearly every chapter including new content, new figures and/or new case summaries, significant content changes are indicated with an asterisk (*) below:
  1. Workplace Law and Office Policies*
  2. The Independent Contractor in Real Estate*
  3. Licensing Issues*
  4. Agency/Brokerage Relationships with Consumers*
  5. Antitrust and the Real Estate Brokerage Firm
  6. Fair Housing*
  7. Misrepresentation and Failure to Disclose*
  8. Intellectual Property, Technology and the Law*
  9. Data Security & Privacy*
  10. Other Risk Management Issues*
  11. Use of Other Professionals & RESPA*
  12. Insurance
  13. Internal Complaint-Handling Procedures
  14. Alternative Dispute Resolution
  15. Litigation
  • Content created by the NAR Legal Team
  • 30% New content, including all-new sample forms and figures and new content on drones, medical marijuana, REALTOR® safety and security, ADA policies, teams, license reciprocity, social media and internet advertising, money laundering, distracted driving, and more…
  • Foreword by NAR General Counsel Katherine Johnson
  • 7 chapters’ end with training modules that allows the broker to test their knowledge and work through the topics addressed
  • Includes 5 checklists, 42 figures, 6 tables, and definition on 41 topics
  • Includes updated legislation including 40 acts or legal statutes and 72 case summaries
  • Includes 70 online resources
  • This product is a true step-by-step guide to understanding key legal and risk management concepts

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