Evernote for Real Estate (Get the book here)



If you’ve heard me speak in the last year, you know I am a fan of the never forget or lose anything program Evernote.

In January 2012, I decided to use Evernote to keep track of nearly everything that comes across my desk.  I manage my to-do lists, store ebooks, important emails, articles from webpages, photos of everything in my wallet, receipts, product manuals, serial numbers and warranty information, passwords, and more.  Did you know Evernote can help you keep all of your clients and transactions organized also?

Dean Ouellette has written a great book called Evernote For Real Estate: A Complete Guide.  This is the perfect manual for using Evernote in your real estate business.  The book covers all the details you need to know to understand all the features of Evernote including some add-ons for your browser.  It also reviews some good practices to stay organized in general and how Evernote can help you achieve that goal.

If you are an Evernote novice or expert, this book will help you get your clients and transactions organized.  The author has even included downloadable templates to manage the marketing process for your listings, a checklist for finding your buyers the perfect home, and even a strategy for managing short sales.

UPDATE: Our apologies, but REBR is no longer offering this great resource to real estate professionals.  It was a very popular download, but the author refuses to respond to our multiple requests over the past 6 months to the promised payment for the promotion of his book.


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