National Association of REALTORS® Member Guide App for iPhone, iPad and Android

nar member guideIf you are looking for news and information from NAR, the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Member Guide app will give you access to the information you need most including the latest REALTOR® benefits, your local and state association contact information, educational programs available, advocacy updates and more.

When I initially searched for it in the iTunes app store, I was searching for NAR and coming up with blanks.  I actually had to search for “National Association of REALTORS” to find it.

Once you download the app you will need to know your NRDS number to login to the system.  If you don’t know what it is you can call either your state or local association and they should be able to retrieve it for you,  or you can visit here to have it emailed to you.


NAR Member Guide - Login page

Once you’re in you will find an easy to use menu system that includes, a home screen, my items (still can’t figure out what this does), your Membership ID card, a list of upcoming events, and general topics you can dig into to get even more information.

NAR Member Guide - Home page

If you’ve been in the real estate business for more than just a couple of years, you may remember when the National Association of REALTORS® automatically sent you a membership card each year.  Now if you want a card, you can either add this app to your phone so you have a digital version, or you can login at and design and print a paper card.

National Association of REALTORS® Membership Card

The National Association of REALTORS® Member Guide app is much deeper than it looks on the surface.  If you visit the TOPICS section, you will find tons of articles and information including REALTOR Brand & Ethics, Resource tools for you, Resource tools for your clients, Education information, REALTOR Benefits® Program, News and Networking, and much, much more!

NAR Member Guide - Topics

I know that navigating can sometimes be cumbersome, but to have most of that information all compiled into this well designed and easy to navigate National Association of REALTORS® Member Guide app, makes this a must have for your phone or tablet.

Written by Heather Gray

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