MLS fees

Our payment process has changed, so please take just a moment and read these instructions to learn the new process for MLS fees. (you can skip these instructions and go directly to the member payment portal by clicking the buy now button.)

First login to our new Member Web Portal

(your login and password should be the same as it was in the old IMS system)

Pay dues 1

The first time you enter the portal, you may be asked to update your contact information.  After updating this information hit the “HOME” link in the menu.

Pay your fees

Click on the ACCOUNT BALANCE widget on your member dashboard.

pay dues 2

On the next screen, mark the checkbox next to your MLS fee on the right side of the screen. Then press the PAY ORDERS button.

pay fees 1

On this page, you can review the details of your account balance.  Simply hit the PAY NOW button at the bottom left and you will be directed to the Payment page where you will enter your Credit Card information.

pay dues 4


Now you are ready to pay your dues!  Click this button to start the process