Kansas REALTORS® rocking it with Twitter

Kansas REALTORS® on Twitter

Kansas REALTORS® on Twitter

Websitebox.com has created a list of the top 99 REALTORS® rocking it with Twitter and wrapped it all up in one easy to read infographic.

I instantly went to take a look at Kansas and guess what, there were NO KANSAS REALTORS® on the list!  What!  I know some of my Kansas REALTOR® friends are on Twitter.

Why I bring this up today is that Twitter can be a great marketing tool and if no other REALTOR® in the state is going to rock it on Twitter, IT MIGHT AS WELL BE YOU!

Doesn’t that make sense?  Twitter is a very popular communication tool and with over more than 200 million active users, don’t you think there may be some local home buyer and sellers in that group?  Isn’t it best when looking for new marketing avenues to be in a space that your competition isn’t.  If they aren’t there yet, this is your opportunity to be the first one in your market!  JUMP ON IT! 🙂

If your interested in the infographic, check it out below and click it to see a larger version;

Top 99 REALTORS on Twitter


Written by Heather Gray

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  1. This is a great post, but there is something we have to figure out. It came across from TAAR, REBR and KAR. I think if I understand the new newsfeed, it will help with that phenomenon? Did I spell that right?

  2. I posted it on KAR and REBR and TAAR was kind enough to share it to their followers. :).

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