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copyright imageI had a conversation this morning with a real estate broker that was saving photos from a simple Google search and posting them to their website without thinking they might be violating copyright laws. They are now removing all the photos and replacing them with royalty free images. Some online image companies don’t take copyright violations lightly, with a potential $1,200 fine for each image they find in violation on your website!

Here are a few great resources on copyright laws and images. You should familiarize yourself with these details and checkout these online resources for free online real estate images.

When asked if they should just remove ALL the images on their website, I had to strongly disagree.

Images in today’s world of social media are very important. The image many times will convince someone to actually read an article over just the title. I think it is best to have an image on each post, but a royalty and copyright free image. This would include images you have taken yourselves or images that are uploaded on the internet specifically as royalty free.

One website you can get free images at is They have tons of free images, and most are royalty free, but they do also display links to images on the paid sites;

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Another alternative would be to buy credits at They have an unbelievable number of great photos. Most photos only cost 1 or 2 credits (because you would only need the smallest image size for the website), so for $100 you can get 60 credits. This would get you between probably 40-50 images free for your use as many times as you wanted.

Written by Heather Gray

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