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How to talk to your sellers about Zillow

As I talk to REALTORS® across the country, many would love to stop syndicating to Zillow, but fear their seller clients expect their home to be advertised on Zillow, and honestly, they just don’t know how to talk to sellers about Zillow.  I believe the REALTOR® is the professional and they can and should educate the sellers why Zillow many not be the best advertising platform for finding that right buyer quickly and who will pay top dollar for their home.

As ramps up it’s advertising after Move, Inc. decides to stop syndicating listings to Zillow and Trulia via the ListHub syndication tool, more and more MLS’s and brokerages are finding this as a great opportunity to re-evaluate the value of sharing their listings on Zillow.

I have created just a few scripts to learn and use with your sellers, that will help them understand why advertising on Zillow may not be in their best interest.

How to talk to sellers about Zillow script #1

“Mr. and Mrs. Seller, Zillow displays other agents and their contact information with your listing online.  If a potential buyer were to call one of these agents to get more information about or to see your home, these agents may not portray your home in its best light.  They may even use the opportunity to talk the potential buyer out of seeing your home and talk them into seeing their own listings.  You know that when a buyer calls me about your home, I will share all the positive features about your home and do my best to to show and sell your home first.”

Why you shouldn't advertise on Zillow Scripts

How to talk to sellers about Zillow script #2

“As of April 7th, 2015, Zillow is no longer receiving lists of homes from the majority of the MLS’s across the country.  This means that buyers will soon find that Zillow does not have ALL the homes currently available for sale in the market.  Once the buyers realize this, they will turn to or other local resources to search for the home of their dreams.”

Why sellers shouldn't advertise on Zillow


How to talk to sellers about Zillow script #3

“It has been proven time and time again that the listings Zillow display on their website, just aren’t the most accurate.  Commonly I get calls from buyers looking at properties on Zillow and they commonly find that the prices are not up to date and very frequently they will find properties that aren’t even on the market.  I believe that displaying correct and up to date information on more accurate websites will be our best chance at finding the right buyer for your home.”

Zillow Scripts 2


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Written by Heather Gray

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