How to make your QR Code easier to read

Recently I showed you how to create a QR Code to use in your marketing to give your potential customers an easy way to reach your website, video or other online location.

Today, I wanted to give you just one more tip when creating and using QR Codes.

The code that is created is made up of little boxes.  The size of the boxes and the readability of the code is effected by the length of your url.

So when I create a QR Code using, I get this; qr code

But, If I were to create a QR Code for a specific page on my website located at, I get this;

longer QR Code


You can see the longer URL created a more pixilated QR Code, which could be more difficult for the device to read, especially if your putting it on a business card and have to make it a little smaller to fit, or if you are putting it on a flyer and the copy machine gets a little fuzzy.

So, how do we create a better looking QR Code with a longer URL?  You could simply shorten the long URL with  Let look at how we do that.

When you visit you can see that it is as simple as entering your URL and clicking the “Shorten URL” button.  Then your shortened URL is created on the right.

Now all you have to do is create your QR Code with the new address.  When I do, here is what we get;

shortened url with

This new QR Code will take you to the same website the cluttered and pixilated one will, but this one will work much better in your marketing and open the website much faster for your consumer.

Written by Heather Gray

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