How to “Legally” use Getty Images on your website for free!

We all have heard stories of people “borrowing” images from the internet soon to be hit with a demand letter from a huge online photo conglomerate like Getty Images with a huge $1000+ fine.

Getty Images must have been paying too much in legal fees trying to collect  from the offenders, because they have developed a solution that allows you to now “embed” their images on your website for free.  How can they do this….with ads.

Here is an example;

When you embed these images an ad may be displayed either with the image or temporarily in place of the image.

To use the images in this way all you have to do is look for this icon below the images you find at Getty Images;

how to embed getty images

Once you have the embed code, you can paste the code right into the HTML code on your website.

iframe paste into html

I hope that helps you with a new way to add interesting photos to your website.

Written by Heather Gray

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