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get more real estate referralsThis past week I had the opportunity to drive across the great state of Kansas with nearly 10 hours of drive time.  I really enjoy listening to music, but I knew this would be a really long drive so I decided to download a few audio books to fill my mind with new information during the trip.

Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference was one of the books I chose to listen to.  I had started reading it a few years ago, but I wasn’t in the right mindset at that time to finish it.  This time I really enjoyed it and I wanted to share a real estate idea/tip that came from my trip. This tip involves an exercise which may take a few minutes to complete, but once you have completed the exercise you will know exactly where to focus your marketing efforts in the future to get more referrals in the future.

Top agents closely track the source of each of their transactions.  Did the client come from an open house, a sign call, an internet lead, a personal referral, or another source?  Many of them get the majority of their business from referrals from people who know like and trust them.

The author of the Tipping Point makes note that some people in the world are natural-born CONNECTORS.  Gladwell defines connectors as;

individuals who have ties in many different realms and act as conduits between them, helping to engender connections, relationships, and “cross-fertilization” that otherwise might not have ever occurred.

These people have large social circles and they can’t go anywhere without bumping into someone they know.  So who are the connectors you know?  Here is an  exercise to find out;

Take a look at the 40 people or so that you would call your circle of friends, excluding family members and co-workers.  Take the time to look at each one of these people and work backwards to figure out who was the person that originally set in motion the series of connections that led to the friendship.  For example;

My friend Bob, was introduced to me by his wife Kelly (although I’ve known Kelly’s sister for years), I met her through my friend Anne.  Anne was introduced to me from my friend Sandy who I used to work with in my real estate office.  If I had never started a career in real estate and met Sandy, I may have never met Bob.

My friend Brian R., I met shortly after high school.  He was introduced to me by my friend Brian T. who I went to high school with whom I met through my friend Chris who I met in a Junior High English class.  So Chris was the person that set my long time friendship with Brian R. in motion.

My friend Joe was introduced to me by his girlfriend Erin, who’s aunt is Sandy from my previous office and introduced Erin and I at a bar one evening.

I could give more examples, but a I look at my current circle of friends, I find that many of them point to Sandy and Chris as being two people who started the motion and introductions of my current circle of friends.  Once you start making these connections, you also will start to find the same names coming up again and again.

The social circle you thought you had, you will find looks more like a pyramid.  At the top of your social pyramid you will find the few people in your life that are your connectors.  Wouldn’t it make sense for your real estate business to build special relationships with your social connectors.

These are the people you should give a gift gratitude to each time they send you a referral, these are the people you should be networking with and buying lunch or dinner for.  These are the people that are MOST likely to send you more business!

So, who are your connectors?


Written by Heather Gray

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