How to get more exposure with Facebook!

get more exposure on facebook

get more exposure on facebookMany REALTORS® will say that Facebook is a waste of time, but those agents don’t know how and won’t take the time to learn how to use it as a marketing tool for their real estate business.

The key to winning more real estate sales with Facebook is how well you engage with your contacts.  If you are a Facebook stalker just reading what everyone is doing and never posting (the kids call this “creeping”), never commenting or liking others posts, you will never have success using it as a marketing tool.

Did you know that your friends don’t see every post you make? Facebook has a algorithm called EdgeRank.  This is similar to how Google determines which websites rank higher in their search engine.  If you have a higher EdgeRank, your posts are more likely to show up in your friend’s newsfeed.

Your EdgeRank is determined by 3 factors;

Affinity: This is how well you engage with someone and you get bonus points if they engage back with you.  For example, when you comment on a friend’s post and then they comment back, your will get a higher EdgeRank.  This shows Facebook you are really friends and you will get a higher ranking because you have conversations and you are not just a “creeper.”

Weight: Video, photos and links are weighted higher than a regular post with text only.  These types of posts are more likely to show up on your friend’s newsfeed and will hang around there longer.  Try including one of these with each of your posts and you will get more exposure for sure.

Recency: Newer posts are more likely to show up on your friend’s newsfeed, so post regularly.  But, no one likes to see 3 or 4 posts right in a row from the same person, so span your posts out so you show up more often in their newsfeed.

The first step in getting more business on Facebook is to make sure your friends are seeing your posts, videos, photos, and links.  If they see it they are more likely to comment or like it which will improve your EdgeRank.

So start improving your EdgeRank today!  Comment on your friends posts, photos, and videos.  Post things that will encourage your friends to comment and like your posts. And you now know that when they do comment on your post, you should reply to their comments to get those bonus points with Facebook!

Written by Heather Gray

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