How to “Find My iPhone” when it’s lost!

find your lost ipad

find your lost ipad

My wife had quite a scare this week.  She arrived at the office (about 10 miles from home) and realized she left with her purse and iPad sitting on the back of the car when she left the house.  Guess what, they were no longer on the back of the car when she arrived at the office!

She immediately called  a neighbor who ran over and found her purse near the end of our driveway, but the iPad was nowhere to be found!  So she called her technology nerd husband to help.  Lucky for us, I had prepared for such a disaster.

Apple offers a great app/feature called “Find My iPhone.” Don’t let the name fool you, it works for iPads also.  Let walk through the steps of setting this must have app up on your device with iOS5 or better installed.

find my iphone

Step 1 – Download the Find My iPhone app

You will find the Find My iPhone app in the app store for the low low price of FREE!  You can use this app on all your iDevices, so be sure to download it and use these instructions to set it up on each device.

Step 2 – Setup the app

On your device, click on settings then go to the icloud settings.

find my iphone icloud setup

Then you simply slide the switch for the Find My iPhone option at the bottom;

turning find my iphone on

This will turn the GPS on and allow your device to be found when the signal is sent for it’s location.

Step 3 – Finding your lost device

Now that the device is ready, you can use any iDevice with the app installed to find the location of your lost device.  Simply click on the app and enter the Apple ID and password for the lost device;

find my iphone login

Once you get signed in, you will be see a list of devices setup on this Apple ID and password;

find my iphone device list

Now all that is left is to click on the name of the lost device and ta-da, a map appears with your devices location!

find my iphone located device screen

You’ll also notice three buttons at the bottom of the screen;

  • Play Sound – makes the device beep repeatedly, even if your device is on silent or mute.  I have used this a few times when I search for my device and find it is located somewhere inside my house, but I am not sure where I put it.
  • Lost Mode – This option allows you to lock your phone remotely so anyone who finds it cannot use it or access your data.  It also lets you post a message on the screen of your lost device such as “I have lost my phone, please call 555-5555 if you find this phone.”
  • Erase iPad – If your device is really lost and you want to remove your contacts, emails, photos, etc., this button it wipe it clean.  Once you wipe it, Find My iPhone will not work on it anymore.

Find My iPhone is an awesome app that is a must for all your iDevices so when you misplace your iPhone or iPad you can track it down close enough to figure out where you may have left it…. or where it landed after it flew off the back of the car at 50 miles an hour!

Written by Heather Gray

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  1. Assuming the phone is on. Unfortunately I found this out the hard way. Passwords people. Password lock your phone. I had the satisfaction of knowing they could not use it or break into it without apple being notified and I was able to wipe the contents remotely.

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