How to add a high resolution QR Code to your marketing

I had a call this week from a REALTOR® asking how to create a QR code to add to his business card.  I dropped him an email back with the instructions and decided that this could be a topic other REALTORS® may like to know more about also.

A QR code is short for “quick response” code and can be a useful tool in your marketing.  The consumer simply scans the code with their smartphone or tablet, and they are instantly taken to a website, online video, or other places on the web immediately from their device.

It doesn’t matter if you would like to use the QR code on your business card, postcard, flyer, in the newspaper or on any other type of print media, these instructions will walk you through the steps of creating a QR code.  There are many different QR code generator site, but the one I am going to use is one of the few that actually produce a higher resolution image that you would need for use on a business card.

We start by visiting;

hi res qr code

As you can see when you scan down the list of options, you can create a qr code to go directly to many different places from a mobile device.

high resolution qr code generator

For this example, we will simply make the QR Code to go to a Web Address, so that is the option we will choose.  We just enter the address we want the user to go to when they scan the code in the box and hit “Get your code.”

qr code to website

Beneath the code you will simply choose the size to be 6 and choose the format you would like the image to be in.

Then all you have to do is click the “Download Your QR Code” link.  The download process should start on your computer with the high resolution QR Code ready to insert into your marketing.

I recommend that you print the code out and give it a try with your favorite barcode reader on your phone, mine is RedLaser wich is available on both the iphone & android.  Just a final word of advise, make sure it works correctly before splashing it all over town. 🙂

Where could you use a QR Code in your business?  On property flyers as a shortcut to a virtual tour on your website?  On your business card as a shortcut to a video featuring you and what differentiates you from other REALTORS®?  On a sign rider at a listing that has lots of walk by traffic? Or what about in a local print publication ad offering a free home evaluation that leads to a lead generating form on your website?

Written by Heather Gray

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