Facebook | Business Page vs. Personal Profile

facebook business page vs personal profile

facebook business page vs personal profile

You probably have a Facebook account and regularly post your status updates on your personal profile page, but are you posting business related information on your personal profile?  If not done correctly, your friends and family may choose to “unfriend” you if you post sales messages more frequently that personal updates.

Your Personal Page

Your personal page is just that “personal.” Your friends follow you on Facebook because they want to know more about what’s going on in your life, not to be inundated with open houses and new listing announcements.  If you occasionally mention your passion for real estate and some of your professional successes on your personal page, this will remind your friends and family that you are a REALTOR® and reinforce that when then have a need for your services, you are the one to call.  But posts like “Call me if you need to buy or sell a house!” will eventually cause your friends to “unfriend” or “hide” you.

Your Facebook Business Page

When you create a Facebook Business Page you have to remember that your friends will have to “Like” the page to get these updates.  You need to provide valuable information for the consumer on your business page so people will WANT to join to get all your business updates.  Again this page isn’t for only posting your open houses and listings, but you should also post things everyone can use whether they are in the market to buy or sell a home or not.  Here are a just few ideas;

  • Current interest rates
  • Home improvement tips
  • Home Decorating ideas
  • Special financing programs

How to create a Facebook Business Page

Creating a Facebook Business Page is pretty easy, yes, even you can do it.  First, login to your Facebook account, then come back and click this link and follow the instructions.  I suggest starting with the “Local Business or Place” button.  Be sure to choose a page name that includes your name, you team name, or your company name.


Written by Heather Gray

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