Become a better negotiator

be a better negotiator

be a better negotiator

One of your jobs of being a great real estate agent is helping your clients negotiate for the best price.  You’re the professional that does this everyday, and most buyers and sellers don’t have to negotiate for thousands of dollars very often, so get good at it!

What if your client was willing to pay “$X” for a home and with your negotiating skills and guidance, you actually save them a few thousand dollars?  Do you think they would tell all your friends about how much you saved them?  Could this turn into a few referrals this year?

Derek Halpern from Social has created a great video with 3 simple steps to become a better negotiator.  Derek’s specialty is understanding marketing from the psychology perspective by understanding how and why people do things and applying those ideas to your marketing.  This is one guy I really watch and read everything he posts.  He is brilliant!

Check out his video and subscribe to Derek’s website;


Written by Heather Gray

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