Are you getting the most out of your Android phone?

how to update android phone

how to update android phone

If you have an Android phone, you may or may not know that the software and apps on your phone can be upgraded to give you access to new features.  The version you have may not be the latest and greatest version available.  So how do you update the operating system (OS) and apps to get access to the new features?

If you have purchased a phone in the last year to year and a half there may be an operating system upgrade available and the app developers are constantly updating the apps.  Keeping your apps and operating system updated is a good way to make sure your phone operates at it’s best performance and you have all the features available to you.

Updating your phone is fairly simple and you can follow along in the video or walk through the steps below.


To update your operating system follow these steps; from the home screen go into your app list > Settings > (About Phone>System Updates) or just System Updates > check for upgrade.

To update your apps; go to your Play Store > Menu Button or My Apps > update all or update each > manual update > accept and download.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Android Jelly Bean 4.1 are the  latest operating system that most phones at the time this article is being published will use.  Not all Android phones are created equally, your phone knows what it can work with and what it can’t.

PCMag recently wrote an article about which phones come with Ice Cream Sandwich OS and which may be getting it in the future.  If your phone isn’t on that list, well its probably time to get a new phone. If it’s not on the list, it probably means your phone’s processor is outdated, your wireless provider will not provide the update or your phone may not support the OS upgrade.

In a few weeks we will have a post, “4 Differences in Android Phones,”  so you can make sure you get the features you need when shopping for a new Android phone.  Additionally we are another popular Android topic; “how to make sure your contacts and calendar sync to cloud.”  If you don’t have a Nexus Google phone these don’t always happen automatically.

Written by Heather Gray

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