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rebr logoReal Estate Business Resources, Inc. makes it easy for you to use technology to help you make more money!

The REBR Vision

Thank you for visiting the REBR website. Please consider it as your online source for real estate business tools, technology and information and return often for the latest profitability tools and ideas.

REBR is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kansas Association of REALTORS®.  It’s purpose is to identify, research, track and produce business applications for today’s real estate community that target profitability.

REBR is an identifiable, credible and branded partner for the real estate broker and agent to interact with as you navigate the REALTOR® road ahead. If you are looking for ways to enhance your bottom line, or would just like to have additional information about real estate real estate applications please call or e-mail us.

Lisa Deghand

Administrative Assistant

Email Lisa

Lisa has been the Administrative Assistant at Real Estate Business Resources since 2005 – where her main focus is servicing our 5 Rapattoni MLS’s across Kansas. Please contact Lisa for assistance with your MLS questions, MLS Fees payment, and technology support.

Lisa also works in the Kansas Association of REALTORS® Education Department, as well as assists the Board Services Coordinator to maintain your REALTOR® membership records and Dues collection.

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