Why Google Chrome Rocks

google chrome rocks

google chrome rocks

If you’re still using Internet Explorer and get frustrated with the speed web pages load and sick of the crashing, you need to give Google Chrome a try!

If you don’t know what web browser your using, there is a 99.9% chance you are using Internet Explorer. Here are some of the features Chrome has to offer that makes it so much better than the standard web browser that came with your computer.

Speedy Browsing

It won’t take but a few minutes of using Google Chrome and you will see how much faster web pages load.  It is super speedy and very rarely have I had it crash on me.

Start up Pages

Chrome has added a couple options to make your surfing faster.  When you first open a new tab, you have the option to see your eight most visited sites for easy navigation to the places you visit the most.  Or you can add apps from the Web Store, and build your own custom start page with shortcuts to your favorite sites.

Chrome Start up Page

Search in the address bar

With Chrome there is no need to go to Google.com so search for something on the web.  Simply type your right in the address bar and it will automatically search the web!  Boy, has this been a time saver and one of my favorite features!

search from the address bar

Extensions make Chrome more powerful

From the Google Web Store you can find custom extensions for Chrome to add features to this already powerful web browser.  I use these extensions everyday.  From easy clipping things on the web to my Evernote account, adding a custom signature to my gmail account, managing my passwords, monitoring my local weather, to starting my Pandora music player, these extensions all make my daily web browsing experience much easier to navigate.

chrome extensions

In conclusion

I’ve been using Chrome since 2009 and haven’t looked back.  As you can probably see, I think Chrome rocks and will continue to recommend it to everyone!

If you’re not using it everyday, give it a try and I am sure it will soon become your go to web surfing tool too!


Written by John Ringgold

I look forward to the opportunity to bring everything I have learned as an agent, a real estate broker, and from my affiliations with both my local and state associations to search out and share new technology tools with practical applications for our industry. Also, make sure you “like” REBR on Facebook so you don’t miss any of our future posts! Learn more about me on Google+

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