Training Sessions

REBR would be happy to travel to your association/mls meeting or your brokerage to be a special guest speaker to bring new information about sales skills and technology to your agents. Email REBR for pricing and to schedule a time and date for any of these classes.

Yes, you can sell houses with Facebook and other social media platforms! We review how to use Facebook to keep in “flow” with your sphere of influence so when they think real estate, your name is the only one that comes to their mind. We look at example of the “right way” to use Facebook, as well as the ‘wrong way!” We also touch on the power of Instagram and Pinterest to generate more leads in your real estate business.
Should your Facebook personal profile be used to market your business or should you just talk business on your Facebook business page? Learn how to engage more potential clients, strengthen your relationships with your current and past clients, and get more real estate referrals from your Facebook friends.
Pictures say thousand words and social media has become very “picture” oriented. Instagram brings photos front and center. Learn how to make your photos more interesting and leverage your Instagram account to remind your friends and followers that you are their real estate professional and get discovered by future clients.
SnapChat is one of those apps that it seems all the kids are using. So why should you learn how to use yet another social media tool that seem to be only used by teenagers and twenty-somethings? Because this is the social media platform the young homeowners of tomorrow are using. Learn to use it now and reach the buyers and homeowners of our near future.
Are you getting referrals with Linkedin? If not, there are some basic principals to enhance your LinkedIn profile that will make you much more referable and get you more recommendations!
Find out what the RPR is and how it can benefit your members/agents. Learn the ins and outs of understanding and navigating the system, creating property valuations, and producing seller reports.
RPR is more than a comprehensive database. It provides tools and resources to help expand your business. During this session, you’ll learn how to use RPR to improve prospecting and farming strategies, run accurate comp analyses, identify distressed properties and their impact on neighborhoods, set industry standard values on home investment.
Get an update on the newest apps and online software to keep you ahead of your competition. These tools will definitely help you work smarter rather than harder and can help you become more organize and build stronger relationships with your clients and sphere or influence.
What was your personal sales volume last year? How many transactions did you close? How many got cancelled after the contract was accepted? How many buyers vs. sellers did you work with? What activities or products did you spend your money and time on last year that created most of your sales? Learn about a simple tool to help you track your sales and income so you can learn what’s working and actually creating income for your business.
This two hour workshop first establishes the mindset it takes to be successful in real estate. Then we take a journey into each of the agents personal goals for the year, inputting some numbers from their previous sales to establish what they need to do to reach their goals (yes, this class does require a calculator). When the class is complete, each agent will have written goals and a business plan of how they will reach their desired income!
Rapattoni is constantly changing and recently has added many new features that you many not be aware of. The session reviews over a dozen tips to use Rapattoni more effectively and highlights many of the new features you many not even be aware of.
Do your members know all the MLS Rules? In this class we review and put into layman’s terms the do’s and don’ts of your MLS policies.