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Legal Hotline, now with a full 12 month subscription

Our legal hotline continues to be be a successful product offered to real estate brokers across the state. Brokers can call our contracted professional real estate attorneys including Vern Jarboe as many times as needed for an annual subscription fee that costs less than an hour of an attorneys time! In the past, our service was purchased on a calendar year subscription, but now, when you subscribe, you will get a full 12 month subscription from your signup date.  You will even get a … [Read more...]

DocuSign Gains Momentum with Transaction Management Features for Brokers

Transaction Rooms & New Broker Management Tools Further DocuSign as the Real Estate Industry Standard WASHINGTON, DC – REALTOR® PARTY CONVENTION & TRADE EXPO – May 14, 2014 DocuSign Inc.’s (DocuSign®) launch of its Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform for brokers, DocuSign for Real Estate Broker Edition, is successfully bringing small, medium, and large brokerages into a 100% digital future. The latest DocuSign For Real Estate Broker Edition solution adds deeper … [Read more...]

Docusign Plus, now with transaction management!

  Being on the hit Bravo show "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" is a race to see who can sell the most expensive listings the quickest. So I use DocuSign. Why? Well, I have three reasons. My clients are always pleased with the experience of signing quickly anywhere, on any device. DocuSign saves me a ton of time – and in real estate, minutes can mean millions. My deals close in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks. DocuSign is integrated with zipForm® Plus and … [Read more...]

Know your business, GROW your business

How well do you know your business?  What are the answers to these questions? How many transactions did you have last year? What’s your average sales price? What’s your buyer vs. seller ratio? What’s your average commission check? Where does your business come from? Advertising is a waste of money? Do you have a system in place to track these numbers?  You are a business and it's time you start acting like one! Profitable businesses track their income, track their expenses, … [Read more...]

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