What are real estate brokers paying their agents?

real estate commission rates

Running a successful and profitable brokerage isn’t always easy. Managing the brokerage income and expenses is a task you can’t avoid. But how do you increase your company’s income? Hire more agents? Give them more office support so they have time to sell more homes? Give them more training to build their skills to create more transactions? These are all viable options. One other option is to re-evaluate your existing commission structure. Offering a competitive commission … [Read more...]

Covert more renters into homeowners


Frank and Brian from the National Real Estate Post had a great message I just had to share with you today. In a recent study it seems that 9 out of 10 renters don't plan to buy a home this year. Why is that? Stricter lender guidelines? They just love renting? What could it be? I really think, most of them just don't think they can. They may not be aware that they can. Believe me, there are hundreds of renters in your area right now that have the down payment and the credit score to buy a … [Read more...]

Is the curse of knowledge killing your sales?

curse of knowledge

When you speak with customers are you using terms like MLS, first right of refusal, titlework, escrow, CMA, GRI, quitclaim deed, or any of the hundreds of "real estate" terms you interact with on a daily basis? Many agents use these terms as part of their daily scripts or in person dialog, but remember who you are speaking too. Using these terms MAY make you look like an expert in your field, but truthfully your clients and customers would rather you explain things in plain English. They … [Read more...]

Should I spend my money on Zillow, Truila, and REALTOR.com?

more sales with zillow trulia

This past week I had a question from a Kansas REALTOR®;   "Hi John, I want your honest opinion on Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com, and Home Finders.  I want the most bang for my buck."   Any of these sites can work as a good lead generation tool for your team, from my experience. When I was a broker, an agent in my office tracked her leads and success with both Zillow and Trulia. The first year, she bought into the Zillow plan.  She got lots of leads inquiring about information … [Read more...]

5 Things Your Customers Should Know About Title Insurance

title insurance - first american title

As a real estate professional, you've likely been asked by home buyers: “What exactly is title insurance?” For some buyers, especially those purchasing their first home, title insurance is a new concept and, because it is substantially different in scope and process from other types of insurance, requires explanation. Here are five important facts to share with your buyers when you’re asked about title insurance: 1. Title Insurance helps protect your ownership rights to your home. Through … [Read more...]

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