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How to talk to sellers about Zillow | Scripts

As I talk to REALTORS® across the country, many would love to stop syndicating to Zillow, but fear their seller clients expect their home to be advertised on Zillow, and honestly, they just don't know how to talk to sellers about Zillow.  I believe the REALTOR® is the professional and they can and should educate the sellers why Zillow many not be the best advertising platform for finding that right buyer quickly and who will pay top dollar for their home. As ramps up it's … [Read more...]

How to “Legally” use Getty Images on your website for free!

We all have heard stories of people "borrowing" images from the internet soon to be hit with a demand letter from a huge online photo conglomerate like Getty Images with a huge $1000+ fine. Getty Images must have been paying too much in legal fees trying to collect  from the offenders, because they have developed a solution that allows you to now "embed" their images on your website for free.  How can they do this....with ads. Here is an example; When you embed these images an ad … [Read more...]

Celebrate National Unplug Day!

Are you going to participate in the new holiday National Unplug Day? The idea is to stay off social networks and off the internet from sundown Friday, March 7, until sundown Saturday, March 8. It's not going to be easy for most of you to truly unplug for an entire day! I know for most of you, technology is part of your daily business. :) How good would it feel to not be glued to your phone, tablet and/or laptop for an entire day? Can you do it? Check out the unplug web site and consider … [Read more...]

Images for your real estate website and copyright laws

I had a conversation this morning with a real estate broker that was saving photos from a simple Google search and posting them to their website without thinking they might be violating copyright laws. They are now removing all the photos and replacing them with royalty free images. Some online image companies don't take copyright violations lightly, with a potential $1,200 fine for each image they find in violation on your website! Here are a few great resources on copyright laws and images. … [Read more...]

What to expect in Real Estate in 2014!

Our real estate business is a living breathing thing. It is constantly changing and evolving and it actually takes a lot of effort for the average REALTOR® to keep abreast of all the changes throughout the year. has made a few predictions for 2014 that could affect the housing market. The good news is, although they predict that interest rates will increase, the outlook is positive with increasing home values and a better new construction market. With these predictions, … [Read more...]

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