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Free virtual tours with PTCH

If you've ever been to one of my live real estate training sessions, you've probably heard me talk about the free app called Ptch. Ptch is a simple tool to use on your iDevice to easily create impressive videos from photos and video snippets on your phone or in your social media accounts. If you would like to see a quick demo of how easy it is to create a video with Ptch click here! I had a reader contact me to tell me how much they liked the app, but they couldn't figure out how to … [Read more...]

How to “Find My iPhone” when it’s lost!

My wife had quite a scare this week.  She arrived at the office (about 10 miles from home) and realized she left with her purse and iPad sitting on the back of the car when she left the house.  Guess what, they were no longer on the back of the car when she arrived at the office! She immediately called  a neighbor who ran over and found her purse near the end of our driveway, but the iPad was nowhere to be found!  So she called her technology nerd husband to help.  Lucky for us, I had … [Read more...]

How to update the iOS software on your iPhone or iPad

Yesterday we took a look at some of the new features that the new iOS 6 will add to your iPhone or iPad when it is installed.  I have been asked a few times this week how to install the new update. I really tried to record a video to walk you through step by step how to update to iOS 6, but I couldn't get the app I had to save the video recording of the iPad screen.  You'll just have to checkout these screenshots! I took these screenshots from the iPad, but the iPhone menu system is the … [Read more...]

The new features from the iOS 6 update for your iPhone (Video)

The newest update to the iPhone and iPad software is available this week and REALTOR® and trainer Mike Bowler the Tech Savvy Grandpa has created a short video to show you the newest features you can easily add to your existing iPhone and iPad today. Have you upgraded your iPhone or iPad yet?  Which feature do you think will benefit REALTORS® the most?   … [Read more...]

What homes are your clients searching for online?

The app for your iPad, iPhone or Android is pretty powerful and you know that many of your clients are using it to search for their new home.  What has been missing is an easy way to connect with you and share properties that they have an interest in. With the new update to the app, has now added your branding to your clients app.  Every time they open the app on their device, your face and contact info will be there reminding them who their agent is.  If they have a … [Read more...]

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