Cartavi – Simple Document Manager for Real Estate

cartavi - simple document manager for real estate

cartavi - simple document manager for real estate

If you had a tool that would allow you to respond faster and easier to your customers’ needs, you’d use it, right? Especially if that tool saved you money and allowed you to spend less time tied to your desk and more time getting the deal done.

Cartavi makes buying and selling real estate a more efficient experience for you, your clients, and everyone involved in the transaction. Every document in the transaction—be it the inspection report, bank statement, sales contract, tax document, closing estimate, etc.—is immediately available to be viewed, shared, or electronically signed by anyone or everyone.

Cartavi is the simple way to manage the documents that drive the business of real estate. It’s easy to use, keeps your information secure, and you can access your transactions from your desktop or mobile device. Anytime. Anywhere.

REBR has partnered with Cartavi to offer a special discounted price to our readers!  If you would like more information or would like to signup, make note of this promo code for the special discount, then click the more info button below!

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