What are real estate brokers paying their agents?

real estate commission rates

Running a successful and profitable brokerage isn’t always easy. Managing the brokerage income and expenses is a task you can’t avoid. But how do you increase your company’s income? Hire more agents? Give them more office support so they have time to sell more homes? Give them more training to build their skills to create more transactions? These are all viable options. One other option is to re-evaluate your existing commission structure. Offering a competitive commission … [Read more...]

Docusign Plus, now with transaction management!


  Being on the hit Bravo show "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" is a race to see who can sell the most expensive listings the quickest. So I use DocuSign. Why? Well, I have three reasons. My clients are always pleased with the experience of signing quickly anywhere, on any device. DocuSign saves me a ton of time – and in real estate, minutes can mean millions. My deals close in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks. DocuSign is integrated with zipForm® Plus and … [Read more...]

Covert more renters into homeowners


Frank and Brian from the National Real Estate Post had a great message I just had to share with you today. In a recent study it seems that 9 out of 10 renters don't plan to buy a home this year. Why is that? Stricter lender guidelines? They just love renting? What could it be? I really think, most of them just don't think they can. They may not be aware that they can. Believe me, there are hundreds of renters in your area right now that have the down payment and the credit score to buy a … [Read more...]

How to “Legally” use Getty Images on your website for free!

stock images

We all have heard stories of people "borrowing" images from the internet soon to be hit with a demand letter from a huge online photo conglomerate like Getty Images with a huge $1000+ fine. Getty Images must have been paying too much in legal fees trying to collect  from the offenders, because they have developed a solution that allows you to now "embed" their images on your website for free.  How can they do this....with ads. Here is an example; When you embed these images an ad … [Read more...]

Celebrate National Unplug Day!

national unplug day

Are you going to participate in the new holiday National Unplug Day? The idea is to stay off social networks and off the internet from sundown Friday, March 7, until sundown Saturday, March 8. It's not going to be easy for most of you to truly unplug for an entire day! I know for most of you, technology is part of your daily business. :) How good would it feel to not be glued to your phone, tablet and/or laptop for an entire day? Can you do it? Check out the unplug web site and consider … [Read more...]

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